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Earning Points

Earning points and achievements at Mz. Kittiz Girlz Gamez is a little different than at other arcades. Because here you don't have to prove your the BEST at playing games in order to be at the top. Here you gain points from DOING THINGS around the arcade.

Here is how the point system is designed. Get points for

  • Playing a game - It dosent matter if you win or lose. But you do have to play for 2 miniutes
  • Rating a game
  • Commenting on a game or news post
  • Referring a  new member
As you can see it is not necessary to actually win a game in order to be a "Top Player" here, BUT there is a chance for those with a need to compete to earn points. Read on......
 We do have some highscore games scattered around the arcade. They are marked with a little gold cup next to the game title. You can earn points here by
  • Posting a highscore - this is actually done automatically after completing a game
  • Challenging a Friend. You can send out a game challenge to your arcade friends once you have posted a score. Look for the GREEN BAR at the bottom of any highscore game you have played and have a highscore posted.
But as you can see above, even highscore games are not really dependent actually having the highest score in order to gain points.  
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